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2012/02/14 - Newsletter

Heart Rates - Translations

Getting to go...

Welcome again to the tri-strides newsletter.
Like I wrote in the last Newsletter - I had this twisted ankle - took time off, thought it had healed - but even with adapting my runs, allowing for greater recovery times, all of that, it still wasn't right and I felt the effect of it after many - not all - runs. So finally I went to a doc, had an MRI taken and the verdict is a partial rupture of a ligament. So, I'm now taking it even easier, just bike and swim and walk around with an aircast thingy. So, even with resting early this wasn't enough.

Well, I'm still in training, just not running, and for my husband has given me a Lactate/VO2max/etc. diagnostic session, I did this last week. What's better than finding the correct heart rates to plan your training.

In Bad Schoenborn, they were really thorough, going from blood work to heart ultrasound and artery checks to the actual sports related diagnostics. I can't remember ever to have worn so many cables on my body Now I have a list of my own heart rate zones, and they also encouraged to change my training towards high intensity intervals.

What I find slightly annoying, though, is the multitude of heart rate zones there is on the 'market'. Every training philosophy has their own zones, and the diverse heart rate monitor companies also came up with their own system. I already struggled with this when I was coaching my YMCA team last year. How to tell them something if everyone tells you different zones.

At that time I made a table to synch those different authors - and I'm giving you this table now as pdf-file ready to print This table compares the zones given by Endurance Corner, Friel, Maffetone, the zones based on Lactate Threshold, Perceived exertion (two scales), and the German Basic Endurance range (GA1, GA2, etc). Also as a rule of thumb, the number of steps to take per breath is listed. I tried the latter criteria in last year's Quarryman race, and the Cary Half Marathon (March Madness - one of my favorite Chicagoland races) and it went very well. Of course one breathes a bit more intense on all those hills but it's a reminder to not go out too fast there.

Use it well when designing your training zones in combination with one of the standard books about the topic: Here's the table. Enjoy.

Happy training!
Stay tuned for the next issue of this monthly newsletter.

Greetings from your coach's desk
Dr. Sylvia Zinser
USAT Certified triathlon coach, USA Cycling Certified coach