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Short introduction of coach Sylvia and Triathlon Newsletter

All about me

My name is Sylvia Zinser and I'll be your coach today...

pic by Janusch, KA

Before I found my love for the sport I acquired a physics degree (focus on biophysics) and one in education. You can see a lot of my work on my personal web page which is in German and English, contains items from kids' songs to academic resources for kids to cookie recipes (the latter are in German right now but I'm willing to translate if you are willing to deal with the metrics).
I do blog, so you can follow my racing, my thoughts I have about triathlon, racing, going long, going slow, zillions of topics.

You'll find references here

For triathlon my philosophy is to help my clients be the best athletes they can be and to have fun doing it.

The best way to reach me is by . Usually I respond within a day.

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