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Gernsheim Triathlon

A family type event, including a duathlon, Martin and I thought it might be a good idea to sign up for that race. Which we did.

So we made our way, Saturday morning, it was chilly, a bit humi but not rally bad weather. Only it had been fairly cold all Spring and warm water was not expected. The organizers just did not measure. So, setting up transition, and then already off to start. While Martin was running, I swam the 400m out-and back, no struggle with breast strokers, just straight to one of those islands and back. Onto the bike, Martin passed me in T1. Well, I had to get rid of my wet suit. 

The bike was a 3-loop course with a bit of gravelly road in between. Nothing bad but I was glad I hadn't put on my zipp wheels yet. Martin was probably glad he had not selected his racing bike, and went on much more stable tires. 

Run - 3 loops around another lake and then this already was done. 0.4-21-3.3 km were the distances. 

While I really started out cold sitting wet on my bike in the first round, it got better and I slowly dried off. 

Into the finish, we had cake, melon, all the good stuff, and then headed home to Kronau. Fun First of the Season.