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Half Marathon Mainz

Mainz, City of my alma mater (one of them, that is, I could count Konstanz and Chicago the same)

The half marathon (and marathon) are supposed to be really nice events, or so I had heard. Meaning I convinced Martin to sign up as well, and so on May 22 we packed ourselves, the kids, sandwiches, and whatnot else, into the car and found our way to Mainz. Despite of us arriving at 7:30 and the race web site had said, one could reach parking until 8:00h, the roads were already closed. We found different parking, and walked down to the Rheingoldhalle to do the signup and package pickup. A short warm up, and then we were ready to go. 

The start. As with any a bit larger event after the start signal - nothing happens. At least not, if one stands way back... But eventually we were allowed to cross the start line and ran on. It was the one day in that week which was hot. Meaning going towards 25+ degrees. So I went, step after step. Out to Mombach, back to the Rheingoldhalle, out to Hechtsheim and eventually, finally into the finish. My occupation during the run? Running (duh!) and rading other peoples' shirts (and sometimes commenting)

The kids cheered somewhere in the middle of the course. Poor them - they got a very wet hug - only because I had sprayed water over myself...

Never dull...

After roughly 2h10min I was close to the finish and allowed to move inside. YEAH!!!

It's some time ago since I have done a running race so I was completely ok with the time and with how I felt.


Meetup with Martin and the kids and  meeting with friends/family finished the day nicely.