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Ironman Maastricht-Limburg

Maastricht Ironman

So, it's time to write this report about Ironman Number Nine. AKA (by me) the "Anyway-Ironman"

Why? Well it all started out when I signed up against better knowledge. Last year, August, sent them the money, wrote I'd do this and well - was signed in. 

My own fault...

But -- why shouldn't I? In  Canada at Ironman Mont Tremblant I had been fighting an annoying back problem for half the year, and right when the long bike rides were due, my pelvis acted up son nastily that I remember one long ride where I had wished I had someone to pick me up and drive me home. It really hurt and for I'm not a big fan of major medication, unless it's really, really, really necessary, there was quite some back pain involved. 

There's still not a real diagnosis, just the notion that it will get better with the help of a physio therapist.

And so on, and so on, and so on. Don't want to bother with my health history - everyone of us has some package to carry and so do I. Do I have to try Ironman then? Yes I do. It's the regular step out of my comfort zone I do want to keep doing. 

Mont Tremblant was my - "let's see how far I get"-race. If I would not have finished my back, the borrowed bike, and other factors would have made a good excuse. But finish I did and next on the lest - Maastricht.

Fast Forward...

The first few nights in January. No sleep. Back pain... From then it went up-wards. Some ups, some downs, lots of work, lots of unrelated stuff, but Ironman - here I come. Seven months out.

February Full into training. March. The same. Ingress plus Triathlon training makes for changing bike routes, and for varying running routes. Fun. Pure fun.

April, May. Mainz-Half Marathon, Go-Ruck-Challenge in Rotterdam, Ironman 70.3 Kraichgau. Niggles and Nabs, but essentially I was able to pull through. No need for "Anyway".

Three weeks out, I went swiming with friends, wanted to pull on my wet suit and twisted my back. The other side... Ouch. 

A couple of days later I broke off a tooth.leaving a sharp corner to slice my tongue on. A temporary filling (tasting like Christmas) supposedly will cover this until October when the tooth will be fixed. 

Ironman Maastricht. I'll do it anyway. At least I try it.

Some more painful days, exactly - again - when actually the last long ride(s) should occur. But - Hey, last year I did Mont Tremblant's crazy hills with a borrowed bike. Maastricht's Medal will be mine - anyway.

Last days of school. Sitting in conferences (I hate long sitting) - Grades must be given to every single one of my students. Then coordination of the Ladenburg Triathlon festival's race officials. My task, just one week out before Maastricht. Writing down the report for that. Now finally I can think about packing. Maastricht - here I come - anyway.

2016-08-02 10.02.45b.jpg

Finally. Sitting in the car. Four-ish hours drive to Maastricht. Kids in the back, coffee in the cup holder (I do love our import car) bike in the back of the not-so-mini-van. All is good.

Checking in, getting my wristband, next day going to swim.

Since last September I do streak running, meaning a mile minimum every single day.  Martin and I run to the beach, I swim, he runs on. Afterwards some bits of stretching and - ouch a pinched nerve,Something wants to tell me not to do this Ironman? I'll start anyway.

2016-07-29 12.30.25.jpg

And my temp filling in that tooth of mine cracks out that same Saturday? Seriously??? Anyway, I'll be in the water tomorrow, then bike, then run, then finish. ANYWAY.

More to come.