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Wings for Life run

I have had this run on my radar for quite some time. International - start at the same time everywhere, benefitting the back bone research, and - everyone running away from a car which tries to catch you. Fun fun fun.

So, on Sunday May 3rd - so almost still on my birthday - we set off in direction of Darmstadt, where one of the two German events took place. The other one was scheduled for Munich which is quite a bit farther. Martin ran as well - he had planned on about 19km, me on about 15. The race website had a kind of calculator where one could put in one's pace and they calculated the distance one should manage.

Off to the start. Too few porta-potties like any race in Germany.  But then we went into our start corals, the signal went off and we went. Through fields, through little Hessian towns, a lot of crowd support, plenty of drinks etc at the aid stations and a few nice co-runners to read shirts on - and to talk to. I think I got to high five all the outstretched children's hands there were.

And then the atmosphere. Every motoric sound from behind was answered by runners turning around, if there might be the catcher car approaching.

Well. I passed km 15 and it wasn't there yet, but after km 16 the sound was for real. The race for me was over - a co-runner and me found a bus stop, took the shuttle bus and ended up at the race exhibit. First race martin and I raced together when I had to wait for him at the finish. Usually with slower me it's the other way round.

Another shuttle bus brought us to the Merck parking lot where we had our car and finding and then circumventing  every possible traffic jam we drove home.