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This season's plan change

This season and what's to become of it...

I have been quite quiet on facebook, on my blog, online, all together, just a bit of ingress activity, a bit of commenting newbies and not-so-newbies with coach's advise, but no reports, not to much from me myself.

The reason – I am fighting a slipped disk (somewhat dislocated disk) with some serious sciatica pain involved. Every workout I start starts from the position of sitting in pain and getting better when I move. But that first step...

Most of the time at least it gets better, that's why I keep moving.

Cycling is the worst and that's not quite perfect for racing Ironman.

Driving is second worst so the decision to get to work by car or bike is a tough one.


Meaning, my physio – when I told her I needed to move instead of sit – told me it's an exercise addiction. No it's not, it just hurts less to move ;-)


Oh well, enough whining. I still have this Ironman race in front of me and I have no clue if I will finish or if I won't. With Ironman Kraichgau 70.3 and Challenge Heilbronn on race day morning everything was ok-ish and I just could pull through.

It was not worse afterwards, but I have the feeling the disk got worse in July when the long bike tours were on the plan. So, some skipped long rides, more swimming, my training far from perfect, but this is what I have, and I will give it to this Mont Tramblant Ironman race.


Two more days.


Well. What will I make out of this? Ironman says, anything is possible.


So I might just get through the race on adrenaline and finish. Won't be fast, won't be pretty, but this is what I really want to do. My orthopedic told me I can't break anything more than it is, so – well, yeah, not the disks, but if I overdo muscles in the effort of balancing out pain – not quite perfect. As a coach I should know when to stop and stop I will if I notice I'm done for the day.


The swim shouldn't be a problem. MT has a beautiful course and it's essentially two major out-and-backs times two. The danger of being stuck on the course somewhere and relying on someone to get my rental bike is small – with this course design I should be able to make it back to town if my spine fails me. I will get in as many miles as I can. And – nothing being impossible, maybe I really pull through the bike and get to run – running is better on my spine, so if I don't totally abuse it cycling and if I still have enough time.....


What really ticks me off is that last year it was my tenth year of doing triathlons. I actually had planned to do it in a count your miles/kilometers and collect donations accordingly. Especially since my dad passed away last year, being struck by a heart attack in the somewhere around Wiesbaden's market place and no CPR could help him, I had thought about donating and collecting towards the Deutsche Herzstiftung/American Heart Association, both.


Then my back struck, not for the first time but for the first time in a manner I wasn't sure I'd be able to race at all. I was, after all, but then it was too late to set up something. Or so I thought.


So. It is two days before the big race. My sciatic is still actively discouraging me from racing.

I still dutifullly try to do my stretching, strength exercises etc. And I will start this race doing as many miles as I can. And I define it is not too late to ask for help here.

So. One Ironman race has 226 km or 140.6 miles. I'm in Canada and I'm German, so I'll go metric.

I'll pledge to donate one Euro per km done to the Deutsche Herzstiftung. Meaning if I finish the'll get 226 Euro. If not some amount lower than that. And if you'll want to join me (American Heart Association or Deutsche Herzstiftung) feel free to let me know. Every cent per km helps preserve heart health and prevention


I have a T-shirt saying 'think like a proton and stay positive. So I turn this obstacle into something positive in remembrance of my father. When he learned about this hobby/lifestyle of mine, doing long distance, he said, I was crazy. Though he enjoyed meeting in downtown Wiesbaden after test-riding the IM70.3 course there. Yet, he thought I was crazy.


So let's be crazy, start this thing, go as far as possible, stay positive, smile doing it, enjoy landscape, surroundings, people, high five-ing everyone possible, still go as far as possible, and enjoy the process.


P.S. just back from the pre race dinner and the briefing. Let's just say – anything is possible...