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Cross ride around Airport Frankfurt


The inaugural cross ride around Frankfurt's Airport was scheduled for today - and we all had a choice between 35km, 46km, and 68km. All flat but pretty cold (32-ish). One could decide on the way so we just got started and transported our mountain bikes to Frankfurt, signed in and went off. First cross tour ever for us. But the announcement had said, that this was a ride also for beginners on the mountain bike. And that it was. It went through the wintery bald forests (no snow involved, just a teeny bit of ice) some place to practice  hopping but nothing nasty. 

Only discomfort was caused by the icy feet of mine but everything else was great. The first control stop was at 20km. By then we had decided not to ride 35km but one of the longer ones. 

A couple of minutes with snow pellets coming down convinced us of the 46km-ride. After deciding the pellets stopped and we even saw some sun. And a huge mud area where I mis-steered and ended in the mud. Now my bike is finally mine (after falling from it) as Martin's is his after his chain broke recently on a steep uphill. 

On the control stops they had broth, hot tea, bananas (slightly frozen), cake, cookies, short - everything a cyclist's heart would want.

Back to the car they provided also high pressure water to hose down the bike. Really nicely organized and I hope this inaugural tour will continue to exist.