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Circuit Cycling TT and Duathlon


Busy weekend. Saturday: Check the race site for the Hockenheimring Duathlon and doing a 14km time trial, Sunday organizing the race officials for the duathlon. My vision for Saturday: three-two-one-crash down the ramp...

So there we went, into the driver's area for the motor sport events. This time we were the 'drivers'.  Both of us picked up the race package, me for the tt, Martin for the duathlon. I took a look at the area - I had looked at the site from google maps and from previous running races. Then I met witht the organizers, we exchanged som elast minute info and then I got ready for the TT. By trusty BeeBike with zipp wheels was my vehicle of choice. A couple of circles on the parking lot and off to the start. No. Wait. First still the duathlon race briefing.  So I was the one explaining the rules, especially the rule not to cut corners on the run for there may be cyclists behind you.

And off to the start. Now really. No crash, just pure bliss. In a formula one quality race track also cycling becomes extremely blissful - no bumps, just smooth asphalt. 15m wide. And still, the first sharper curve I actually went to the far outside for it was too narrow for the speed I was at. I had thought, not on a formula one track, but seemingly also the cars need to slow down at some of the curves. A second one of those, but the others were harmless, only I more careful.In the second and third round only the 'Spitzkehre' the narrowest of the curves stayed a challenge, and I slowed down quite a bit for it. And then - much too early - third round finish. Through a back street I went to the start, got some alcohol free beer, some snacks, and met up with Martin. For I had made third in my age group, we stuck around until after 10pm, and poor Martin had to carb-load on the race pasta buffet.

We went home, slept too short, and were back in Hockenheim at 7am for the official's briefing.

We were more than necessary - maybe (a race with 100-ish athletes and 5 officils), but actually it turned out quite right. Especialy at the check-in we needed all hands, for there are some strange new rules about bike frame shape. Also later, it was good we were that many, for the transition area is quite long and one cannot observe everything from one position.

And then - after a second athletes' briefing - the start. 5km run (plus 20k bike plus 2.5k run), after 16ish minutes the first athletes were back, switched to their bikes, and I was first in the transition zone, then at the finish chute when a call came that the driver of the car with the plate number (insert ours) should remove their car. Well, we had parked exactly where we were the day before and I had some exchange with an extremely unfriendly security lady who could not imagine that our car had been there since before 7am when nobody had been there to assign us a space. Well, I drove away anyway, and got back to the finish. One colleague had taken over the protocol in the meantime and I then could double check the numbers with the list from the timing company.

Then officials' brain storming about the race, filling in the report collaboratively. I found Martin whose finish I had logged but almost not seen (just jotted down the number) and afterwards we made our way home.

This was an inaugural race and for such really nicely organized. A few flaws we jotted down but nothing serious. And for me a really good one to start as official coordinator, especially for they had assigned me an excellent team of two officials and two officials-in-education.

Off and home and in the afternoon I hit the Hardtsee for my first open water swim this year. Brrrrr. But fun.