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Cross Country Run Kraichtal

Muddy-muddier-muddiest - we were kind of expecting some of that - it's a cross country run after all. And then we saw the 10k runners who were finished when we came and we knew there'd be some clean-up to do after the race. Well, after chatting a bit with two runners from our club, we got warmed up, and got ready to run. Actually it was only the first 200m which turned my trail shoes into goo. Then it was more or less harmless. The run consists of two 2500m loops, with a checkpoint at half time. And there was a steep down followed by a steep up. I was not really running zone 2 or 3 - this was a tough one. Right at the end of the first round the person before me slipped but I was forty or so meters behind and could be extra careful there. Second round done, and back into the finish chute. Of course Martin was there - he had run a careful 24minute race - very reasonable for I don't want him injured - and neither does he. I did 29 minutes and a bit. So we had a coffee in the hall of the organizing club, got the family some cake at their cake sale and wanted to leave when I saw I had placed 2nd woman. (of 8) 

So we stuck around for the awards, I got a certificate and a very practical prize (Ice scraper) and then we went to drive home - at least that's what we thought - before noticing our car was stuck in the grassy area where we parked. Martin alone couldn't push it out - it really was in deep. So we asked Mr. G. from the organizing team and he pulled us out. 

And then we went home - and my washing machine has a big lot to do. Tomorrow it will be clean-the-car-and-clean-the-shoes-day. Still a nice race.


About twice as heavy as before the race