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Ironman Mont Tremblant - Part Four - Resumee

...and what I learned

Oh well, there are zillions of things I have learned from this season.

First: keep with Douglas Adams and don't panic. Even when my back acted up - there still are things possible and even when people want to tell me they aren't - in reality they are. Most of the time.

So I finished my eighth Ironman race with a somewhat demolished disk, but did not really notice. I had been off the bike the four weeks prior to the race to give it a chance to heal. My intention had been to jump in the water and bike as far as possible until my back acts up. It didn't. Everything on the bike which really was hard in Spring - everything worked. Meaning I had to pay up what I promised - 226 EURO to the German Heart Association in memoriam my dad. And I gladly did.

I finished this race doing everything as one shouldn't: borrowed equipment.A brand new saddle. Bike set-up untested. relying on nutrition on course without being really sure about it. Finished without bananas on the bike course (they ran out on the second half)  I finished without a hold-in-hand bottle in the run. Just on coke and salt. 

I finished the race walking a sub-six-hour marathon. With not being sick in the slightest - nutrition worked. Yet, running would have hurt my back so I did not. But who cares - one of the zillions of reasons why I wanted to do a North American race was to have the American Ironman Spirit join me on a sub-17-hour journey. Not sub 15 (German triathletes need to be faster)

Last - I finished the race with a big smile. Somewhat emotional (why-ever), had the guts to eat, to drink lotsz of chocolate milk (first ever race I got this and I downed two bottles - this was just too good...)

And I learned that there is always another step in my muscles - even when I don't believe it.

...And that's just the race.

In the former couple of years I have been doing off-season. Four weeks nothing. And each of those off-seasons I caught something nasty.


  • A niggle in my upper back when I baked Christmas cookies.
  • A slipped disk.
  • Another slipped disk
  • A twisted ankle
  • and so on - just weird stuff.

This year I remembered the first weird disk issue when a chiropractic told me not to run anymore. I thought - can't be right - and ran some more improving the problem.  Just, each time I stop regular running my back - or something else - acts up.

So I devcided to become a streak runner. Meaning a run every single day. Rain or shine, minimum a mile (actually - two kilometers, for me)

One time running every day plus regular triathlon workouts in-season and none of those off-season. So my off time will be "just" daily runs of 20 minutes or so.

And - I have passed the very first month of this. Feeling great, strong, and encouraged to continue. It is fun, especially if my schedule only permits an early morning run. The world is beautiful at 7am. Darkish, Fall-ish, but beautiful

Additionally I still swim in the lake which also is super nice, but I think only more for this month, else I'll freeeeze. 

But my main new project is that daily run, maybe leading up to a Spring marathon to finally get a better runner.