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Ironman Mont Tremblant - Part three - the "run"

Wobbly wobbly wobbly. Not being able to train cycling 4 weeks before the race also means no brick sessions. So I noticed the wobbly knees and generally legs, right after the bike. So after I gave the volunteer my bike both my soles hurt quite a bit, so I moved on into the tent, put on socks and shoes (no socks before) and off onto the run course. And here it was very clear that m back was no ok. Not because   the change in position from cycling to running hurt - this was not the case. But each time I started running there were some lower back/abdominals which cramped up. Which really was a  bummer because for the first time ever I did not get stopped by nausea on the run. I could have without feeling sick, but I could not for my spine didn't want me to.

And who am I to contradict my spine. So I walked. And walked. And walked. I got a lot of comments about my pace which was between 8min and 9min per km. (13-14.4 minute miles) So the trouble with this walking is, of course, that I have to continue calculating. This brainpower needs to be freed so that I don't end up too slow. Gratedully this is a North American race so I had 17 hours total to race. In the first round I had a fellow named Geoff who with whom I walked 3/4 of the loop. But then he was done and I still had a  second one.

When I was on my first pathway out, Martin and the kids passed by me in a bus going to their aid station. They had the 18:00-shift so when I arrived first, they just put on their shirts. Farther out, this was leading on fairly flat surface out of town. And   then - same way - back in, and only at the end of the loop each came the nasty hills into town.

Mont Tremblant wanted their course(s) like this: nasty hill at the end of cycling. Nasty hill at the end of running. If they could have, they'd probably put in a nasty hill at the end of swimming but ... oh  well...

Coming back from the 'out' I greeted Martin and the kids, grabbed some of that oh-so-good broth, and went on. O'er the hills, passing the finish - super crowd support here - voice of Mike Reilly  audible all over the place - and back out again. This time I walked alone and a sign that my digestion was just right, was that I did not lose speed at all. My back was fine in this way. There were fewer and fewer racers out there, it got dark and someone gave me one of the circular glowsticks for around my neck. They had put generators and electric floodlights onto the run course and while I had put off my sunglasses for some time, when the first insect tried to aim for my eye I put it on again.

The memory from Regensburg came back to me - I had been so nauseous but a mini insect had found its way into my through, giving me reason to cough, cough and cough some more and I already felt nauseous... Not this time. No insects inside me. I also put my cap back on so i could blend out the floodlights with the rim and was not blinded by it.

Again passing my family, grabbing a cup of broth. I really ran on broth and coke, just once a bit of electrolytes.

On that round I collected a couple of the glowsticks from the ground, threw one to my kids and carried the others around. Now it was the time I passed a lot of other walkers. Growing up German and being annoyed by being sent to do groceries on foot when I was a kid helped - one tries to get that over with quickly and learns how to walk fast.

All right. The last hills looming. And then I went into the beautiful little town of Mont Tremblant Another uphill and then - there it was. I heard Mike Reilly from afar.

My glowsticks went onto the hands of hi-five-ing kids and I just was close to tears, I really had not believed that this would happen but - here it was.

And eventually this was for me.

Sylvia Zinser. You are an Ironman.