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Silvesterlauf 2014

Another everyyear-race and this year it came with cold temperatures (0C, 32F), snow (a lot for around here), a freezing night before the race, high humidity and wind. So, I did what you aren't supposed to do, bought a new pair of trail shoes for the race. And - later - was quite grateful I had them when the path went through mud and icy patches in the forest. The race exists already for many years and we've been doing it since we are back in Germany. A nice thing - they can deal with slower runners. And it is well organized. And - with this weather - they serve hot tea. What else does one need.

Martin signed up for the 5k-run, while I did the 10.5k And then the signal and off we went through the mud the half marathoners had already mixed out of the forest ground and the snow. One really windy patch, I already knew the way, anyway, and my cell phone gave me the km-markers. I couldn't have gone faster, so I arrived with 1h3min at the finish. Slower than before but then - I did not slip. Hot tea for me and then I picked up my jacket and waited for Martin who came after a few minutes.

They had a raffle with the awards ceremony so we went to the place, had some coffee and cake, each won something, and then went heating up our car on the way home. Good our house has a nice hot shower...

Our protein rich dinner afterwards was meat fondue. Ready for 2015