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Ironman Copenhagen - Part I - the Swim and T1

Race report 2014 Ironman Copenhagen

So we started.

 washing machine 3604


It was the usual washing machine, not too many breast strokers, though. I got some kick against the forehead which I immediately forgot and remembered only  two days later when I noticed the bruise.

The swim was a twice-turnaround route, one big loop, and actually quite simply structured. True for the firts out-and-back part, and I really had no trouble navigating. There was a bridge - and another, we had to swim toward and eventually one could see the buoy for the turn. On the way back, I got a bit into trouble with the Danish landscape - everything around this saltwater lake was flat, no landmarks to navigate towards. So, a bit zigzagging, and eventually I arrived under another bridge and could see the next buoy. Again, turning around and spotting the swim-out was somewhat difficult. So, zigzagging again, but I made the corner and was out of the water in somewhat 1:35-1:40-ish.

That much about navigation - I encountered a totally different problem: The water was a balmy 18 degrees - supposedly, so I wore a neoprene swim cap which I had worn in different races before. Also my regular wet suit. Only this time all chafed at my neck AND on my arms - I really hurt after the first 500m, tried to wiggle the scratchy pieces away from my skin, even considered littering and throwing out the neoprene cap.  Yet, I decided not to and went on, which took away some focus.  One of the things happening in a race and you can't even plan ahead, just deal with it...

There was one big jellyfish I saw, none of the Manta rays I had seen in the aquarium, also none of the sharks (I don't think the Baltic is warm enough) 

I got caught up by people from the next couple of start waves and whenever this happened, the washing machine feeling increased.  But more or less, I could keep my rhythm, only fighting the zigzag course.

Copenhagen has a course with two disjunct transition areas. Getting out of the water, I ended in T1,and wanted to do my usual routine by dumping all my stuff on the ground and packing the unneeded back into the bag. What a surprise to find that the floor was drippy wet and I had to rummage through the bag. So I almost forgot to put on the race bib - but last second remembered. I also applied some bodyglide to the sore neck areas, and it stung some more. But it subsided and I went out to cycle.


3622 enough swimming