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Between the races

As I already said, this was the first time we had time to explore the race area. And that we die. My lower legs kind of screamed when we walked all over Copenhagen, but I also wanted to see this beautiful town so - there we walked. First thing, of course, was the race exhibit. They had the slot rolldown at the time and I decided to attend the whole thing in all future Ironman races. So many people declined their slots and there are not sooo many ladies doing this crazy sport. Actually: five German ladies in my age group, I finished third and the two behind me did not. Though I usually refuse to compare with my fellow athletes, maybe I should not whenever Kona is on the spot. Yet, that won't change my racing.kreisel3717

We went to a science and sports exhibit, where I raced Thomas in climbing and Biathlon (yup, air rifle shooting but it was only marginally aligned) - some more skiing simulations were there, and there was a 'whip yourself around every axis of the coordinate system - thingy, which I actually did in the second go. First I stood in line with Georg, saw everybody moving, went away and then the fun thing got to me and I stood in line again.  The whole exhibition was so much fun and right to a scientist's gusto.

One day we went to Copenhagen's Botanic Garden, which is connected with the university. botgarden3821

It really all was a lot of walking. There's a planetarium we went to, as well, only unfortunately we discovered the sheet with the English translations at the end. Still an interesting building, named after Tycho Brahe.

We went to the Leonardo-Da-Vinci exhibition, which did not include lots of walking for once (but by then my legs weren't too sore anymore) because it is close to Charlottenlund, where we camped.  Machinery da Vinci had designed was put into life by building it after the plans. It was nicely done, with enough explanation in English to be able to figure out everything. The bicycle he designed really seems to have had pedals - not like the Draisines you run by running while having it between the legs and then sitting and gliding. In the basement was a do-it-yourself room, where one could try gears and build bridges. Nicely made. bike3879

Afterwards we packed up and went on to Billund to the LegoLand. It is a three-hour drive and we had some Lunch break on the way, arriving at the next campground in the late afternoon. I ordered rolls for the morning, the boys had fun hopping on big trampolines they had set up (me too, in the meantime), and later we went to dinner in town. The next day we took the RV to the Legoland, parked there and went in. Wow! what a place. They had landmarks from all over the world (not so much Africa and only little of Asia) build with millions of Lego bricks. We took two or so hours alone to explore Miniland - showing Danmark, Europe and more. Lego3899The orange house to the right seems to be where my favorite Ironman Cheer Team ate lunch on race day. Complete with signage and all.

We spent the whole day there, riding water slides and a roller coaster, visiting a nicely mad haunted house (with a mirror cabinet), watched live penguins, spent some money in the Legostore, and eventually boarded our RV to move on. Our next stop was Hamburg and the city's zoo. We did not want to drive all the way so we spent the night somewhere just on the other side of the German border. 



The next day was zoo day.


My kids love walruses, but we found a lot of other interesting creatures to watch.Lions and tigers and bears, o my! All was ther. And walruses. And a baby walrus. 4233walrus

After that we visited a relative in Hannover, then went back to Kronau where we dropped off the kids for they had school the next day. For I still had vacation we went on with the RV, packed more bikes, and explored the city of Worms and the city of Cologne by bike. Until Friday

On Saturday part one of my second race started - the Cologne Triathlon Weekend.