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Ironman Copenhagen - Part III - the run

Race report of the Ironman Copenhagen.

All right. Get those super-stinky bike shoes off my feet. Re-wrap myself into a running jacket and onto the course. The running takes place downtown Copenhagen.runningon the run

 It consists of four rounds, each about 10km. Almost all of the time there is some body of water next to the course. Pretty much in the beginning I took off my jacket for I had underestimated the outside temperature.  The first loop went by and I only stopped walking at the aid stations. They had a bell hanging over the course - collecting numbers of times it was rung by athletes - to raise awareness for pulmonary hypertension. People being as breathless as we are racing - but in a state of rest. On several places Martin and the boys were able to catch me and cheer me on. Also Copenhagen's population was there, cheering and clapping. Slowly I got aware that I should have had some more salt in my Ironman diet; I had underestimated the need for it for the temperatures were still quite low.

So my old nemesis, nausea, struck again, and this time I didn't see it coming. Most of round two, three and four I was walking because my stomach wouldn't let me run. The good thing - I can walk pretty fast and can pass people who run while I am walking. My standard question to myself was - "is there anything which prevents me from running" and if the answer was "no" I ran a couple of meters or so. On one end of the course there was this woman standing with clappy hand-noisemakers which later turned out to have built in LED lights. She stood there, every single time I passed by. Shere were some "hills" on the course, mostly consisting of higher situated harbour-pathways. Yet, a really nicely designed course and I enjoyed the view onto the sailing ships, the Sea,  The thing I missed was Copenhagens monument - the little mermaid statue from  H.C. Andersen's  story. Latest with Disney's version of the story (which isn't quite true to the original) the tale made it around the world.  I decided to get the original story later. run course

Martin made some pictures, though, and according to him and the boys it might have been the case that there were just too many tourists around said statue so I couldn't really see it. 

My jacket went around my waist later, when it started to bother me, later I actually put it on.

Four rounds. Four 5-km runs plus a bit. Each time approaching the finish and not allowed in. Each time greating the people distributing round markers (ribbons around my arms which I then transfered to my race belt) Four times the tiny ups and tiny downs of the course and finally I was allowed into the finish area.YEAH!

Cool medal. Putting the Iron into Ironman.

Different than other Ironman races, they do not have catchers. A Red-Cross lady asked me twice if I was ok - which I was - and then sent me fifty-somewhat meters into the direction of the athletes garden. I got some food there, but immediately tried to figure out how to meet Martin and the boys. So I went back the fifty meters, finally spotted them, told them, that the Red Cross had NOT whisked me away for health reasons, went back to the athletes garden and the massage tent, and picked up my finisher shirt and morning clothes bag.

I had mastered the race in 15:15:02, not my fastest, not my slowest, first race ever in the cold, happy, only a bit hungry, ready to go to the RV to sleep.

That we did - after the massage I met up with my four men, each got something to carry (a red bag, a blue bag, a white bag, a bike, plus Martin's backpack) and we made our way towards Copenhagens public transit system again. OK. Middle of the night - we had to wait a bit longer, but around 1:30am we reached the campground to go to sleep.

What a long, beautiful day!

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