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Cologne Triathlon Weekend - 1st

We had spent several days between Ironman Copenhagen and Cologne walking all over Copenhagen, riding our bikes into Worms and into Cologne, so I was well rested - maybe - for the Cologne Triathlon Weekend. It's a good comparison, because last year I really did a full resting period of about two weeks between Ironman Kalmar and CTW, followed by the CTW-half-extreme race, which means on Saturday I do a Sprint event (0.7/25/7.8km) and on Sunday a half Iron distance race. For the Saturday race I had my start at 10:00h in the morning, so we set out really early for it took us over an hour by public transportation.setupsock4497

Plus the way to and from the trains, which in the morning, we could do by bike. Around 8:00 we arrived, did the check in, I did the set-up for the transition, - in the picture I am body-gliding my sock from the inside. Or was. Then, eventually, after the Sports Journalists' Championship start, it was time for us.In no time, I had swum along the underwater lines in the Fuehlinger See, which actually is a regatta course. outofthewater4509Jumping out of the water, running to my bike I had to fight a bit, because a lot of rookies were not sure how to mount and I started my bike leg really really carefully. It was two rounds to go, this time I actually had familiarized myself with the course - much better at least than last year, and also the course was much running4528nicer, for they had removed an accident prone piece of it. Thus 25km, not 26.

The second transition went fairly quickly, socks on, shoes on, run,run,run.

Around the lake it was more or less a flat course, but with a few extra hills in the periphery. I found someone to run with what was very nice.

Anyway, the run was uneventful and eventually I ran over the red carpet of the finish chute.

Yeah! First race down. But -- after the race is before the race and after we had made our way back to the RV, we took the rest of the day really easy, including sleeping, resting, cooking pasta.

On the next morning we even could sleep in a bit for my start was at 12:40. So I had time to test out a new hairdo for the race... And made myself a half PB-sandwich to try if that also is a good thing on a half-Iron-course.

2B continued...finished4541vorctw24544