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Nikolauslauf Bad Schoenborn

Today - my first run for the new season (my seasons start whenever I have Christmas Cookies ready). so for I noticed, my speed needs attendance, I signed up for the 5-km run (as opposed to the 10km, which most people running there, do.

For the start was at 10:15 we could have a decent family breakfast and then Martin and me set off. Martin as Luxury Sherpa and me ready to run. And - of course - wearing a St.Nick costume I have from a local Chicago Santa hustle a couple of years ago. Complete with beard.

2014-12-07 09.21.13.jpg

We were early enough to meet some colleagues from our Cycling and Triathlon club. And to have a short warm-up before the start. The race started together with the 10-k runners and it took about half a km until our paths split and there barely was anyone on the road with me. No more struggling not to kick anyone inadvertedly.

No aid station - that's uncommon for 5k races. A couple of kids on the way, fighting their way to the finish.

And then - finish line already in sight - these 5-k-races go by much too quickly... With almost 28min I finished as first dressed up Santa. Or St. Nick. They had warm tea at the finish - real nice and sweet. and then Martin and me went indoors to have a bit of coffee and to shaere a piece of cake. After warming up and attending a raffle and the awards ceremony, we went back to the car to get home. Shower - here I come..2014-12-07 10.44.13.jpg2014-12-07 10.57.09.jpg

For readers of German, there is a report about the race and a picture of me in the LaufReport