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Run for Hope in Bruchsal

First officially counted run this year. Yeah! Still I am fighting with my sciatica, but running more or less works so here it goes.

I really wanted participate at this charity run for the Bruchsal homeless for two years already but we always had something else going on. Not so this year. Our youngest is doing Aikido and for the run organization counts rounds the members of each team/club are running towards the respective team/club, we ran for our son's martial arts club. They are really good with the kids, Thomas loves it there, so why not support them.

So Martin, Thomas and I all ran with the club logo painted on our faces.

One more coffee, and off we went to the start, just to arrive a bit late. No problem, nobody is timing. Just the rounds count. And off we went.

First round, and after a few minutes Martin and Thomas were gone. So I just ran on, looked out for club logos on faces, and for other runners and walkers, and quickly the first 3.5k lap was over. Shortly after starting the second lap, Thomas came from behind, and the two of us ran together. Short fight agains a stitch - with directed breathing it went away.

Third round he walked and I caught up with him after a potty break. We walked a large part of the lap, but then I went to finish the lap quickly to still have time for a forth, while he just finished and proudly completed the longest ever run/walk he did. The whole town was up, not cheering to intensely, but they watched.

After the 4th round I met up with the club, gave them my counting ribbons, and while they went grilling we switched our car heater to high and drove home.

Really nice event.