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Bridge Run Mannheim

what a nice race, just the weather liked us only a bit, for it drizzled. Usually in the last couple of years, I had selected races on my birthday whihc happens to be a holiday in Germany. I've been at the Cheesy Wisconsin Marathon, and at the Oberursel Duathlon - the latter having quite nasty time restraints so that I actually didn't exactly make the cut after they added an extra hill to the bike course. And for I am fighting back problems and for I am quite slow because of this, I decided I wanted no time constraint. At least no bad one. So I signed up for the bridge run in Mannheim, in this occasion it could have been the Mannheim Puddle Swim-and-Run,  but besides of the large and small puddles it was on a really nice course. All loops, no two-way-traffic. So when the start gun went, I went, too, and just enjoyed the whole thing.

Martin waited at the finish - and we had some coffe and nut bar before we rode home.