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Women's Cycling Camp

Most more serious triathletes in this country go to train somewhere else during late Winter. Mallorca, Italy, Fuerteventura, you name it. Pack bike, hop into plane and enjoy long bike trips in the sun. I did something like this, just not in one of those beautiful places but one hour from home. It helps to live in the Rhine valley so it's one of the warmest places in Germany.

On Thursday, which is an official holiday, I left Martin with the boys and set off to Steinbach, where the state of Baden Wuerttemberg has a sports school. This is where I did my coach education, and many clubs use the facilities of several halls, a gym, s small pool indoors, a large pool outdoors, a running track with fake grass in the middle (no idea why they water that in the Summer... but when training transitions the sprinklers come in handy when it's warm) and more.

Thursday we started out with some theory, some out-door swimming and some aquatic fitness. And - We did some bike safety training on the running track. The aquatic fitness was superb, too, we wore those fat-looking blue belts and danced like mad in the water. It's realy a cool workout, if done with some gusto and is good for core strength, too.

On Friday we had a guided group ride into the Rhine valley, two ferry boat transfers included, somewhat close to 80km (50Mi). Beautiful weather, sunshine, the Rhine smelling like it already did when I was a kid, and some excursion to the French side - there's a really flat, smooth cycling trail. That day we also (before that) trained group riding and signals and had a short aqua-fitness unit.

On Saturday, we had a hillier ride, after transition training and after some core fitness. In the evening we started using trigger point rolls and relaxed some bits. A short swim in the morning got us ready for this. Of course we had to watch the soccer game - Germany vs. Ghana in the evening which put our adrenaline level on high for bedtime...

Sunday  the ride was in the morning, this time with a coffee break and a really small group on empty streets - so one could even talk while riding. In the morning a run into the vinyards, and after the ride lunch and good byes.

Generally I had selected this caamp for it's women only, and for I had been fighting with my back for so long, that I missed out on some bike training. The Challenge Kraichgau and this camp together got me a kick start again.

Additionaly we also did some bike mechanics stuff, bike fitting, chatting, learning from each other and having fun.

I was at this camp last year and I really liked it then - it was really fun this year, too...