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Cyclo Cross with Bernd

My triathlon club has presented me with a training session in Cyclo cross. So that's totally new for me, for I am an on-roader, not so much an off-roader. Or so I thought. It all originated from me builidng a CX bike for commuting, for learning how all the components on the bike work, and for riding off road. 

So, on Saturday it was the time to check in my coupon - we met, just in time when the rain started, somewhere in the landscape. First thing Bernd shoewd me was jump-off and jump-on the bike - a process very similar as in transition, but still different because it is done with the shoes on but not fixed on the pedals.  Next we rode about a km through the landscape - over sticks, stones, leaves, more leaves, between trees, etc. Once, twice, thrice, more and more times we did this round with slight variations. There were two trees challenging me, for I had to slalom through but there barely was space to go through in a decent slalom because they were next to a dip. Eventually I managed three times in a row. 

We talked about Cyclo Cross, the rules, the races, etc, and then rode the course over and over and over again. Like in a race it became muddier and muddier. My glasses went (fogged up) my gloves as well (too warm).

Passing though a dip was another challenging thing, especially when the other border was much higher then the one I started from. 

Hopping off, shouldering the bike, taught me not to have a bottle cage in the bike. Neither to have a pump...

I flew off the bike into soft leaves once so now my self-built is mine. 

I got stuck at some tree and collected a couple of scratches, but nothing bad. It all was a lot of fun.

So maybe I will replace the off season - as is the time I always contract stuff like herniated disks, sciatica, torn ligaments, etc while not sporting, - ,maybe I will replace this off-season with  CX. It's probably healthier :)