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LBS-Cup Buchen

Official's version

Our first appointment as race officials 2014 was in Buchen (again) this year, whihc is a youth event, with a pool swim, a multi-round bike and an mostly off-road run.

Martin and I started at 7am, for German races start later ;) I had packed my bike, because I was supposed to watch the run part. Martin was the swim-official. But first we both helped check in the athletes, controlled the bikes (the real hard gears are forbidden for kids) and helmets. Every single one had to register with me, me checking the names against the numbers and checking them in the list.

Then the race started and I rode up to the run course. It was coolish (50F, 10C) and the little ones really didn't get the time to get warm. At least the water was warmer in the pool...

With the 400-m racers I just watched the turnaround, for the longer distances I went to and fro along the running route, just in case someone was coached by ambitious parents or just in case someone overdid it. Gratefully neither was the case and eventually I went back to transition, to help check in the next load.

Then we officials discussed the race, jotted down suggestions for the organizers and afterwards we all went home.

It's a well organized race, beautiful landscape (but a heck of a way to get there for it's far off the Autobahn) The only thing I do not quite like with this are some of the coaches and parents who give negative coaching. Some of them could benefit of USAT's respect-in-sports program. All over all, there also were a lot of kids who seemed well, some even smiling at us when they took their last turn at our station, obviously having fun doing what they were doing.


Next week Forst which is taking place almost next door...