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Ghostly swim in Heilbronn

Race Report Heilbronn City Triathlon

inmidstofthecity is the theme of the Heilbronn City Triathlon and this really occurs much more central in the city than for example the Mainz City Triathlon. Heilbronn is not exactly a huge city, but we almost went through the whole downtown during the race. 

Martin was official so we were super early - garanting us a perfect parking spot. Arrived I went to get my bib etc, while he had the officials' meeting. Then I stuckk diverse stickers on diverse items (bike, helmet, clothes bag) and checked in. Afterwards I ended up meeting some of our club members, some of whom were startin in the longer event (1.9-70-15) and some in my distance (1.5-46-10). Some watching together, some cheering (especially for the guy kissing his girlfriend onto the bike course) and eventually it was 11:30 and I went off to get close to the start. 11:45 - it was my turn and we all waited in the Neckar for the start.

My, what a ghostly swim - all those black clad white limbs floating by through my field of vision. The dark and muddy Neckar emphasized that effect. But there also was a plus to that wim - no mis-taking the way - it just went straight on along the riverbank - perfect for the left-breathing swimmer in me.

U-turn and with the current back to the swim-out. 1km of transition but my parking spot with bike was at the end of it. No running with cleats. The bike is somewhat hilly. Maybe mountainous. Nothing super steep, but relentless hills torturing the legs which were not relaxed by a decent taper. This was a race out of the training situation. But super fun. Up. Down. Fighting wind from the front. More fighting wind from the side for my deep dish wheels were quite responsive to that. Lifting one shoulder he.lps - building a sideways spoiler like on a car with my body. Eventually I was on the other end of the course, back into transition and onto the run. Chatting a bit with a guy from L.A., and leaving him to finish while starting my last round. And then - my turn. They really announced everybody nicely and I was done for the day. I deleted some no-alcohol beer, some more water melons, picked up my shirt and went out to check my bike out. MArtin also was almost done so we went home. 

Cool race, well organized, the weather was ok - coolish 20C, no rain for us (just for the first starters) and a good amount of crowd support.