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Matthaisemarkt Schriesheim 10km

Race Report

Today we were out again, this time for a 10k-race - in the slow poke group - the fast racers got their own race sponsored by a local car dealership.

The start took place at 2pm, and we were there in time, parking a km or so away - this race is in the context of a fair, so the little downtown of Schriesheim is super crowded - and there's no parking available.

So we walked over, picked up our race bibs, warmed up, hit the restroom, and off it went. 5 rounds, 2km each, which takes a toll on my counting ability. Well, I didn't miscount. The first round was when everything was crowded up like mad. The second round when the fastest runner overrounded me (is this actually a word?) The third round was when the spectators blew their vuvuzelas extremely dissonantly and the fastest girl passed me. the fourth was when Martin overrounded me and slapped by behind. And the fifth was the last one where I gave some hi-5 to a few kids and raced a lady in pink who also wanted to race me. She got me by 0.2 seconds (after having been about 20m in front of me, in beforehand - and taking good care that I won't get closer (I watched her looking over her shoulder ;)

Fun race but much to much to crowded (it took about one and a half km to get clear of other runners). Very focused on fast runners and locals, but good crowd support - including dissonant vuvuzelas in German Flag design.