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Rheinzabern 20k

race report

Whoa - this was even colder than the 15k roughly a month ago. And it came with really bad conditions - meaning a really bad conditioned hedgehog - I had twisted my back a week or so ago and was told by my doc that I could go on running but had to take nsaids for switching off the pain memory. And then I had been sitting somewhat twisted in the car while passing a traffic jam so my hip was also sore - from this and my previous core session. Seemingly I'm getting old and maybe should not be doing this kind of stuff? But the doc also says that sports is the better choice - if I don't my back will get worse - and that's my experience, too. It's not the first time I grapple with this sort of thing.

Well, we went to Rheinzabern, anyway, and I first did a round on their track to figure if I could run at all. That's how incertain I was. I decided it was more or less ok - so Martin and I signed up. Martin is a cold runner way less than I am and we both had packed warm clothes for after the race.

At 10:05 the start cannon went off. It was a similar course than the 15k, just twice the 10k-round, and I made it through my first 10k in a slow (for me) 64 Minutes. So I decided, slow as I felt, to pull a bit and at least make it a negative split race. There were only few behind me after the first round and I was already picturing me being last. Second round and same procedure than first - and finally I got to the 2km-to-finish mark where the announcer was mentioning me and the guy running next to me.

BTW, I met somebody reading 'kilometerfresser' (km-eater) on his shirt and on my question he told me ha had raced 700km in the last year. Not including training runs, just races. Quite a lot. I saw him close to the finish, too, so something to put on his list.

Finally I moved to the finish, got some of their marvelous peppermint tea (which usually I don't like but it was warm and my warm infinIT had turned icy by then)

I'm glad I started - my weird hip was better after the race and now that I had to stop taking the pain meds I don't feel any worse for it. It just so was a negative split with 2:07:.. but I'm ok with this time. Now I hope this year's spell with injuries is over and I can just go on doing my normal running/tri-ing business.