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Rheinzabern 15k

race report

Another Winter race and a nice one, but quite cold (-3Celsius - meaning 29F or so) We had such a warm Winter and aren't used to that. On the other hand they served warm peppermint tea on the course.

This race is part of a  3-race-set, summing 10k, 15k and a month later, 20k. For the start was at 10:05am, we left home around 9am, made our way over the Rhine into Palatine, where Rheinzabern is located. The start and finish is at the local high school, meaning we could use all their facilities, gym hall, toilets, running water, etc. Freezy as it was we really only did a short warm-up after signing in, and them went to the start. Off it went. The course consists of a 10k-loop plus a 5k loop. So some places were visited twice. Most of the time there was plenty of space to run, there was a little out-and-back stretch where runners went both directions. And I still didn't see Martin running - seemingly he was too fast... Then the 5k-loop, and man was it short after the first one. Still cold, though. On their race exhibit I had found a cool running hat with ear flaps, and I wore it in the race (not an A-race after all) Nice and warm on my head but no hot ears :)

Finally I made it into the finish - with some determined female sprinter having saved up all her energy to pass me on the last 200m. We had been playing tag during the race. There was warm tea at the finish and after we had drained ours we went in to get some coffee and cake, and then to go home. Nice is one has a car heating up really fast.



It's a PR again :)