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Oberursel Duathlon

This is a race I do for three reasons - first - Martin never gets to do Duathlons so it is one of the few existing races around here. Second: it's my birthday and I love racing on my birthday. Third: My aunt lives in this town - and we could visit her.

Early in the morning the boys, Martin and I set off, for a race start at a quarter to nine. While I prepped transition, and one of the organizers not to let me fall through the cut-off for it's my birthday race, the rest of the family stuck around waiting to escort me to the start. Four rounds (=10k) running, five rounds (= 36k) cycling and then 2 rounds (=5k) running again - and running means up or down - not really level. Same for cycling - each round was up a nasty hill just to rush down again. So directly after the start I was aware of being last already.

(pic stolen from the Mensa Running Club time line on FB)

And this position did not change during the whole race - I went last, passed no one, just racing on. From last year to this I was slower on the bike, for they had changed the course - passing the infamous hill five times instead of four times. So I actually missed the time cut-off by about two minutes but they let me pass... Each round I heard the boys cheer and shout 'cabbages' (whyever) and Martin cheer, too, Martin did not participate for he had caught a cold two days earlier and did not dare the steep down hills with less than 100% focus. Eventually I reached the finish, in 3:03:56,0 and ended up second in my age group, last finisher in the race (also way under the race cut-off), 13th woman from 13. And that's the thing - women dont race that much  around here - they don't dare or dont want to enter, unless they see a chance to win something...

Oh well. Then we brought Martin to the train (not wanting to spread his virusses to my aunt) and went there for a good lunch and coffee break.