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LaPorte Indiana YMCA Triathlon

Back in our 10 Years Home USA... And one of the first e-mails I got after announcing our visit war - well - wouldn't I want to participate in the La Porte Family Triathlon.And - Yes we would...

So after a 5-days-trip around the Great Lakes we went to Michaigan to visit good friends in their cottage - Tim had just bought a TT bike so I could actually ride his - for we roughly are the same size this worked out perfectly. He, his son E. and Martin did a relay for this event.

Early in the morning, 6am, we had Irish oat meal Tim's wife cooked for us. Then, benefitting from the Indiana/Michgan Time zone difference we left at 7am, just to be in time for the package pickup and 8am start.

This is a nicely organized race, somewhat 400ish participants, with a 1/4 mile swim, a 12.6mile ride and a 3.5mile run. And after setting up transition, a short warm-up-swim, the first wave started. Mine (us old women) started second last, followed by the relays. But they didn';t catch me, not even E. who is a super strong swimmer. Tim did - just in T1. Off to the bike - didn't he say, no hills??? There actually are some. Nothing bad and nothing I couldn;t do on the big chainring.  Then the run once around the lake. All of it well supervised, with aid stations even on the bike, three stations on the run.

And Donuts, chips, nuts, pop corn, bananas, cookies, and melons as the finish meal. A generous buffet.

The team made second of the 100 years collective age teams. I made fourth in my agegroup. merely a minute faster or three years older or younger would have helped for placement but - well, I'm again in the most competitive age group waiting to outlive the others in my triathlon life...

Nice race!!! Good to be back!!!!!