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Frankfurt FrauenPower

Frauenlauf Frankfurt Race Report

Yesterday we went racing again - 5 and 8km in Frankfurt: The Runner's World Women's Run, right next to Eintracht Frankfurt's Soccer Stadion. Five of us went, three for the 5km-run, two for the 8km. Martin went as my absolutely favorite sherpa. And another spouse went with us - riding his motorcycle right behind us on the Autobahn. 

Arriving in Frankfurt there already was pink energy flowing - lots and lots of pink clad girls. We did the package pickup, put on our shirts, strolled through the race exhibition, waited a bit, watched the 5k-warm-up, and then three of us went to run 5k. We cheered them back in - all but one which we couldn't find in the mass of runners. 

Then it was our turn - 8k to go. Nicely through the forest in the shade, two water stations, and drums with one km to go. Cheers, too. Finally back on the Eintracht lawn into the finish chute. Mike the commenter called by name whose bib he could read. 

Some relaxing still to do and then we all went home. 

This is a large race - 4000+ ladies in gym shoes, but is is very well organized and the logistics work.