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BMW-Marathon Frankfurt

Yeah, there were cars. Also runners. And running cars. (at the front and at the back)

But first of all it was my race-instead-of-Amsterdam. Originally we had signed up for Amsterdam (Marathon) late last year. But then Martin's heel got worse and worse so that running was virtually impossible. The last try was a long run where I pocked him up after mile 9. So we decided that he wouldn't run and that I'd find another race where he could cheer on via bicycle (thus not running around all over town) And that then was Frankfurt - it was just a week later than Amsterdam and a flat race and - most of all - still open. We gave away our Amsterdam tickets and I instead signed up at the BMW-Frankfurt-Marathon. 

So, on Saturday before the race we drove toward Frankfurt, where Martin has a little over-the-week-apartment in the neighboring city of Offenbach because this avoids a long commute with not always punctual trains. I brought my camping mattress and a pillow, running stuff, etc,  and so we stayed there, while the kids were at home. Arrived we directly boarded a city train to Frankfurt for the race exhibit. First thing, I picked up my bib etc. Despite of the entrance fee of 80 Euro, there was no shirt included. One could buy one for roughly 30 Euro, but I didn't. Instead I took BMW on the offer of BYOS-printing of a race bib. I brought an older prewashed hoody ('bring your own shirt)and had it printed. While this was done we strolled over the expo, me buying the gu I had forgotten to bring. 

Then off to Martins apartment, friends had recommended an Italian restaurant in Offenbach, where we just could walk to. Delicious dinner with black tagliatelli and salmon sauce. And Lasagna for Martin. And panna cotta for us to share. Yum.

Off to bed; The start was at 10:45, for my slowpoke wave, so we could have a decent breakfast - next to Martin's house there even is a bakery open on Sundays, so it was fresh rolls  with PB-Jelly. And into the train to the start.


This time with one bike. It was rather coolish, it had stormed and rained half of the night, but for now it only was a bit cloudy and windy. Slowly I got myself into the starting corral, and eventually the signal was given after a countdown for us to start. I was able to stay at the 4:29 pace group for quite some time, even with my tactics of 1 minute walk after 7 Minute run (only when I heard the beeper) Frankfurt had brought out a lot of entertainment for us. There was one long, tiresome stretch out where the music-group-per-km rate was somewhat lower, but altogether they did fine. At km 5 I passed an ambulance where they did CPR on a guy. I did not hear anything of running casualties so I hope and guess they could save him. Still, it's really scary. And time to refresh my CPR license 

Around km 11 it started to rain so all of us were soaked. Wet shoes, too, so I was glad about the vast amounts of vaseline on my feet. No blisters to show off, though. Martin caught me a couple of times and cheered me on, in the part downtown.


The kilometers flew by, we wiggled through the inner city, passed a couple of Starbucks tempting me to stop. But. No. No way. Running on. Out of the inner city toward Hoechst, which is a separate city, there a piece of Autobahn and back into town. Slowly I got tired, the first half marathon down, I ate some gu, drank at each station (water, later cola and isotonic) and eventually, around km 30, at the classical bonk time, I had to hit a restroom and lost my 4:30 pace group. Dang.  Martin had gone out on that out-of-town-route, by bike, and saw me a couple of times. 

Still I ran on, still essentially with the same race tactics, maybe a teeny more walking than before, but not much, yet slower now. I fought against strong, cold winds, there were lots of running caps on the floor. And then the wiggly part through downtown again, The Coffee places now really inviting. Yet, off to the finish in the Festhalle ("celebration hall") where they ad set up an indoors finish line. And where it was so noisy that I could not hear Martin cheering. And where it was nice and warm. 


Then, unfortunately the warming reflecting blankets were distributed outside, as were the medals. So off into the cold again. After typing a  short text to Martin (no dead cell phone battery after logging  the marathon like in Berlin last year - but then - it's a new phone)  and then grabbed some fruit and went out. Our friends from Offenbach were there with Martin so we all went to get some food. We found a nice, Italian place and most of us had dessert or cake. 

Really nice race, I lost 3 seconds from my personal best, but, as Martin said, that's because of the wind.