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Chi Running Workshop

Chi Running

So, yesterday and today I was persuaded by my fellow club member Anja to attend a workshop about Chi-Running. She planned to focus on walking and me - I wanted to run.

The reason is, that we just started a ladies' only tri-and-sports program (F.I.T. Frauen im Triathlon) with plenty of total beginners. So we spontaneously thought about the Chi-Walking concept.

I have done some of both through Danny Dreyer's books, but book learning isn't equal to face-to-face learning and that's why we went to Heidelberg today. Actually it was a short intro-workshot already yesterday with just the basics and then the real thing today where we learned to align our backbones, our feet, knees, pelvis, everything for walking and for running.

Purna-Samarpan, our instructor showed us all this plus practical exercises, each focusing on one thing, because, as research says, many males, and most companies deny, men (and women) aren't made for multitasking. So it went one focus at a time being straight up, tilting our pelvis, having a lean forwards, having our hands loose, using our elbows, and many many more focus points.

Our very first exercise in both workshops showed us how easily one's backbone is instabilized by someone pulling one's shoulders down - and how stable we are if we align. Also how easy leg movement can become.

All in all it was a great workshop, we tried everything outside and our instructor also videotaped us for a take-home-to-work-on suggestion.

I'll have a lot of homework but I think this is worth it ;)