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Challenge Roth

Martin was Relay Runner at the Challenge Roth, I was official. So we both went off to Roth on Friday evening - me, after the grades were distributed at my school, with the kids by car, Martin starting out from Frankfurt by train. Guess who was faster... Martin already was in the apartment we had rented when we arrived. The next day we met with AMrtins team who had already done the packet pickup. Then we checked out the race exhibig. Roth is the former Ironman Germany race - all the big shots have started here and love that race.  So, I went to the race official briefing, and afterwards Pasta and bed. Early in the morning they had told me it would be easy to get there but of course we ended up in a traffic jam to the start. Like many German races, Roth is having two transition zones, ond the logistics as a non-competitor is nightmarish. I went into T1, reported to the head referee, and then went to the swim start o check athletes' feet (no socks? no flippers? Kinesio taping I decided, was not an issue. And interesting how many ran with bandages... We also were told to have a look at flapping armpieces at the wet suits which are forbidden by now. But we'd not have to pull people out for there are no rules determined yet.

I was there with all the pros and press, then everybody else, then, an hour later the relays. They have only 13.5h to finish - anoyther example of crazy German cut-off times.

After finishing wiht the swim I watched swimmers out of the water, Martin's relay colleague started  the bike and then we drove to downtown Roth.

From here I walked to my second staion - on the Laende on the run course - supervition of the bib being visible to the front and helping to keep the bike course clean of non race related cyclists. The latter was almost not doable on foot - either the just kept pedaling, or they hopped off for twenty meters until I was out of reach and hopped on again, or - some, actually kept pushing the bike.

I grwbbed som ecoffee and a pretzel there, and continued watching the race and the athletes. Again, I was there when the first ones came through which was kind of cool.

Eventually my colleague who did the run with me drove me to the officials' feedback. Then I met up with the boys and we went to the finish to cheer Martin.

Really really nice race with  couple of snags: You have to have done this race many times to "get" where you have to go, what is when where - just because of the many locations. Unlike American Ironman-distance races the cut-off time  is 15 hours. They do have a ladies' race, too, which I find great. There's also a kids' race.So the Challenge people try to make this a family event. Martin several times had trouble to find where he had to go, and alo I did have to find my way through, with with the size of the race is not alsways quite simple... I think once one hs done this a couple of times one knows but until then it's tough.