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OK, I totally forgot to write the second part

coach's ed in Germany

...but on our to-be-a-trainer course we learned about running, biking, swimming, and core strength/aerobic endurance exercises.

So the theory all was not really new, besodes of learning what the physiology od after-workout-soreness is. Also the practical running session was similar to others I did before, and there are as many concepts as coaches...

For the practical swimming - we did a short run-down about learning to front crawl (nice - that was the group, I was not in), and an intro how to teach different strokes (which really was interesting for I had never seen this in such a compact manner - and triathletes usually don't backstroke or butterfly that much.

The other really practical session was the mountain bike tour we took. What he told us on the ride was more or less known stuff (how to corner, look where you will ride etc.) but the tour itself took me far out of my comfort zone. I couldn't make one steep slippery uphill (and I wasn't the only one) but I managed it  downhill on a really steep slippery path - with my adrenaline level way way up there.

The core exercises were interesting, and we did some games to repeet with kids' or adults' groups in training.

Last we had a 'try to teach' session which we had to prep in groups and one of the groups each had to instruct all the others with the prepped exercises.