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Becoming a coach in Germany

coach's ed in Germany

So this is my newest endeavor  - I am right now attending a weeklong class to get the basic Triathlon Coaching license they give out in GermanyIt is organized by the State's Triathlon governing body and happens at a Sport school in Baden Baden.

Yesterday we had an introduction about training theory, about methods, some practical exercises for mobilization and body weight exercises. The course is organized so that it is theory and practical, which I really like. Today it was training methods and run specifics. We had an outdoor session doing run activation drills, and then some running analysis.

I was one of the negative examples :( Well, I will have to shorten my steps so I personally took something away :)

This workshop involves a lot of sitting, but in the evenings we have free access to the pool and we do use it.

So all in all - until now - it is a lot of fun, but I miss a bit the focus onto the everyday athlete. At least the running part is focusing more on the elite type runner. We'll see how it is with the bike and swim part...